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Step 2: chose a method and learn it well

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    hi just started first planted aquarium need help aquarium is 10 gallon 24 18 by 18 used 20 1b ecco complete planted heavily with straight vallis hygro corombosa water wisteria green cobomba lighting 15 watts for non co2 low tech parameters 6gh 6kh ph 7.8 turnover from filter about 12 times an hour running for 3 days was waiting for plants to settle but vallis looks like it is dying what will i do


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      Originally posted by ArnieArnie View Post
      Thanks for the response. The answers were actually what I was already thinking but just wanted some verification. I am going to give it a shot to stop the CO2 and see what will happen with the HC. If it is not able to compete than Ill start the CO2 again. What actually is harming the shrimps I would not know, maybe it is in my micro dosing. I don't actually measure stuff, just observe. And lately I observe shrimps having fewer eggs than before (fewer shrimps having eggs).

      Lots of folks....if they actually CO2 vs CO2 see this. Problem is, many simply do not do this.

      See the non CO2 methods in the article and EI sections.
      In most cases, running it semi lean will work well for shrimp tanks.

      This assumes no water changes at all.
      Monitor TDS...........change water if it gets to 500uS.
      Drop to about 250.

      Repeat as needed.


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        Hi All,
        I like methods 1,2,& 3. I would like to get good growth, but I don't have a great deal of time to devote to method 4,so I am going to explore those methods in detail, and see what kind of results I can get. As always, thanks for the great article.


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          Hi there - thanks for taking on newbies like me! This is my first posting. I have entered into planted tanks recently (Nov 2014) after a 30 yr hiatus from when I had non-planted but successful brackish water tanks....and before I knew of forums like not really knowing what I was doing I see that I didn't follow some of your great advice for newbies, ah well too late now in some respects. However, I am slowly getting on track. I have a two questions but I will give you the run down of what I am currently operating (again, I am sorry it will clearly show that I didn't know what I was doing): I have a 30 gal lightly planted tank (almost 1/2 planted now because of my first trimmings) with about 3"- 4" depth gravel substrate. I have an Aqua-Tech 30/60 HOB with pothos, bamboo and spider plants growing out of the top, floss pads but no carbon, and in the tank I run an airstone for a couple of hours am and pm because my wife and kids like the look of it. I have 14 fiah - an angel 3"; 3'' sailfin common pleco; 2 pepper corys; 2 danios; 8 black neons; I use the Fluval co2 88g kit with about 2-3 bps (only when light is on) with low lighting (1 T8 6500 K). Currently I use DIY osmocote root tabs (by my root feeders - 4 swords, 2 dwarf lillies) and Flourish (Comprehensive). Other plants I have are 10 stems of wisteria; 7 stems of ludwigia repens; 16 stems of cabomba; 4 anubias nana on driftwood; 5 sprigs of crypt. Water parameters that i have knowledge of is 8.2 ph (well water), 0.0 ammonia; temp is 79F. My question is that living in a rural area I have suddenly run out of co2 and it will be a week - 10 days before I can get another cartridge. Will this be a problem ( I'm thinking algae)? My next question is if moving into a dual T8 fixture and dry fert dosing might be too much considering my light density of plant mass, any recommendations? Thank you for your time and consideration to my questions.
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