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Trouble receiving Ludwigia Pantanal

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  • Trouble receiving Ludwigia Pantanal

    Hey guys,

    Anyone else have trouble receiving stems of ludwigia pantanal?

    I've got it sent from a few great people, packaged perfectly but always arrives looking crushed and the crown is down turned.
    It's the only plant that does this, not even the syngonanthus sp do this? Ludwigia cuba does this rarely but never as bad.

    Feel free to share your thoughts and/or experience with shipping it and receiving it


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    It's a bit more touchy than some, but not as bad as Hydrothrix. Main thing is to be able to grow it when you get it.......cold weather, real hot weather= kiss of death for wimpy plants like these two also.

    Just wait till it gets warmer.


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      Thanks Tom
      I've seen that plant, hydrothrix it looks very similar to a native plant here maidenia rubra.
      My tank would be around 22-25c which is pretty average. I'll hang in there just wanted to check if it seems to be a idiosyncrasy of that species kinda thing.