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  • Syngnothus Belem

    How well does this plant do in a nonCO2/no excel tank with an inert substrate? Anyone have any experience?

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    They will die very fast. CO2 is needed and water with low GH, KH and pH.

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      GH/KH aren't an issue... pH isn't really either. Just wondered how adaptive they were to storing whats needed without co2 injection.
      My GH is around 5 and KH 2 right of the tap. pH isn't too bad for the most part but that can be changed thru various methods and I don't mean by destroying the water with acids. Like a mix of RO and tap could bring the pH down. I don't think it would take too large of a mixture. My water is fairly neutral around 7 - 7.2 With CO2 it usually drops to around 6 - 6.2 for reasonable concentrations. Thanks for the info though.


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        Pick Your Plants/Critters To Match Your Water/Equipment


        I think Dutchy is right, as usual, you will kill this plant quickly.

        Syngonanthus sp. 'Belem' is a robust plant when its requirements are met.:gw

        Syngonanthus sp. 'Belem' likes CO2.

        Syngonanthus sp. 'Belem' likes acidic substrate.

        You might very well get away with an inert substrate as long as everything else is right.

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          i am busy killing this plant at the moment. i have decent co2, 4 24w t5's, aquasoil and only using RO water. ei dosing, and it is melting fast...


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            I have experience with it in a somewhat inert substrate. It grew well for a few months in sand, 30gl, 3wpg PC, 2x DYI co2, dry fert dosing similar to EI, and jungle root tabs. I eventually killed it during a period is collectoritus and stumbling upon the secret for growing stems, everything including belem shot into overdrive and I failed to compensate with extra dosing, nitrate dropped to zero and the belem went downhill.


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              I'm pretty sure it needs plenty of CO2 and is a poor competitor.
              I had a massive stand of it in my 180 for a couple of years, good for CO2 testing since it's very responsive if CO2 is good, and does poorly if not.

              Non CO2.......I sort of doubt it.


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                Thanks for all the replies.