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Broadening of plants?

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  • Broadening of plants?

    Oke; i have this wierd issue; my plants have short packed leaves so my light is good; but they won't grow wide. My Limno Gigantea won't grow wider then 1-1.5" total width. My Blyxa does not grow taller then 2"

    Light is 6x 54W T5 HO;
    2x 3000K
    2x 4000K
    1x 6000K
    1x 9000K

    Light is on for about 9 hours per tube (2 tubes for 10 hours).
    PH 6.2
    KH 2.5 - 3

    Giving me the following (calculated) CO2 values;
    min: 32ppm
    avg: 55ppm
    max: 92ppm

    Substrate? Plain sand with added peat/clay and (recently added) nutrient balls; partially injected traces in the bottom.

    What is the problem? The limno is right in the outflow stream, which is moderate to low; plants do not move although every plant is thriving and bubbling.

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    With good light and CO2, this should be a very undemanding plant to get 10-12 cm across. Even in a client's abused aquarium, this got 12 cm across.

    Tom Barr


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      Well something is limiting it. maybe PO4 / NO3 do you know anything about this for this plant?


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        Well, it will remove water column nutrients at a break neck pace/speed.
        It loves gentle current and CO2.

        It's not picky.

        It kept growing too fast and too large. I think lower light and limiting nutrients(PO4) would be best for long term care/usability.

        Either that or be prepared to trim it every week.

        Tom Barr


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          I recall seeing this plant some years ago and wanting to try it etc, a nice dramatic large bright green stem plant that's large around. What the heck was I thinking?

          Tom Barr