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  • Eichornia diversifolia


    I recently topped and replanted a stem of eichornia diversifolia. And about a day later the crown started to melt. The others are fine but they don't need trimmIng yet so just wanting to if this species can be trimmed like that? I can only think that it might be sensitive to me pinching it off with my fingers instead of using my scissors.


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    Tops can be planted, but I always use sissors when trimming. I would think the pinching method would cause more stress on this plant. Also, make sure there is direct light or it will melt.


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      Hi Sam,

      I forgot to mention in AL forum to you, this plant is quite sensitive to light changes. Whenever you are doing topping, they need good direct light with no shaded light...also a sucker for Co2. If not, they tend to go black and start melting off.


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        Thanks Alan

        Yeah it could have been shaded by something without realizing it. If the top has melted will new side shoots form at the next node?


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          I dont actually think so, but i dont hv much experience with this plant.
          Why dont you just trim off the melted bit and im sure they will grow back


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            Hey Alan,

            Good news, the rooted portions do produce side shoots after trimming quite prolifically. I've gone from 5 stems to 3 now looking at 9 stems at least shortly. They're forming up along the plant at the nodes. 1 rooted stem has 2 the other has 3 forming