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Root Tabs- Are they worth using and which ones are the best?

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    hmmm, I think I have to try that. Thanks for the info.


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      Originally posted by The Rockster View Post
      I too, am concerned about using gelatin capsules. Not really sure of the effects on water, would think there would be some effect, if only with the residual gelatin, affecting the TDS of the tank water.

      To me its cheap, and easy to freeze Osmocote Plus in tank water. I want to keep the tank as natural as possible.
      For what it's worth, I just purchased 2kg of Osmocote Plus 16-8-12+2% Mg0 for $4.00. What I do is measure 1 gram of Osmocote, put it in a short length of 1/4" pvc or smaller, long enough to kee my hands dry, plugged on one end(not to tight) with a small rubber stopper with fishing line attached, then take another piece of pvc that just fits into the other pvc about 3 inches longer or so, shove that to the bottom of the substrate, push out the plug and wiggle the pvc and rubber plug out a bit and you pull up and repeat wherever you like and it's all good, works a charm for me. Plants are loving the osmocote(it appears) and no other problems observed. I went with 1 gram per plug because the #00 gel caps hold approx. this much in powder(as stated by a company that I goggled), so I thought it was a place to start, but I stayed with the 5 grams per square foot idea.

      Cheers ,



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        Big syringe method of delivery!!

        Originally posted by herns View Post
        it's a tedious work! You need to have a lot of patience. I made 50 tabs in less than an hour.

        I made holes on both ends of empty tabs w/ a neddle so it wouldnt float. You can use a soldering gun too.
        I have recently purchased a 150 ml syringe. With this I can load up osmocoat or a liquid fert, put a tube on it and inject as much Ferts into substrate as I want. This beats tedious filling of capsules. Might be as easy as ice cubes!?


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          Another option or two to the gelcaps might be agar agar, pectin. A variety of other vegetable gels might also work.
          Here's one source that I know of that sells a large variety.

          I just thought of another material that might work Methyl cellulose a food thickener. Cold water is used to make it. What I don't know is if will dissolve over time.
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            Originally posted by over_stocked View Post
            Sorry, I missed this as I don't come around here as much as I like. Seems as though you have a dead set opinion about me and my product--which is fine. You are entitled to think what you want.

            What you don't understand is really how little money there is to be made at a hobbyist level and the amount of time spent to make that little bit of money. I have almost recouped my INITIAL cost, but my ongoing expenses make it so that actually taking home any significant amount of money is not part of the game, right now. Think of 3 or 4 product prototypes made by an actual fertilizer producer, a few test runs through a capsule filler, quality testing, analysis testing, becoming incorporated,, website, shipping, printing, packaging, etc, etc, etc.

            I sell to to help make it worth my while at all. Just the energy consumed in packing and shipping product is a lot--especially considering I am a paramedic who works nights and has a young family.

            The amount of time I spend answering messages and emails about things completely unrelated to to RootMedic is pretty large. 1-2 hours a day is spent responding to emails, messages, forum posts, etc. I have to double check quality of a producer on a daily basis, since they seem to have some consistency problems. When USPS screws up, I reship--at a loss--no questions asked(which, BTW, seems to be a lot lately... ugh).

            I do all of this as a service, rather than a way to make a QUICK buck. I can bet YOU wouldn't do this much work for the few bucks I take home at the end of the month. I started making fertilizer and expirimenting with the options and choices(see there are like 4 new products at because I wanted to give something that worked--but at a better price than the big names. I just can't stomach 8 or 9 bucks for 10 tabs. I also wanted to make something superior, which on some fronts I believe I did. I got into this because I was sick of paying those prices. 9/10 of my sales comes during one of my almost constant sales. I keep the price down because I personally have a hard time justifying the higher price, despite the fact that people have willingly paid it.

            I appreciate Tom's comments. Not because Tom is the holy grail of aquarium plants, but because he understands this "business". I am a hobbyist. Sure, I'd LOVE to make money in this hobby, but we all know businesses like this come and go. IF it was an easy buck Greg wouldn't have sold. Tom charges here, but I imagine his real job pays a bit better than the amount of time he spends responding to messages on 3 or 4 forums. If I wanted to make a quick buck, I'd pick up a shift at work--for time and a half plus 13 bucks an hour(we're in a shortage right now and they are desperate) I would make a hell of a lot more money than I am doing this and would spend less time doing it.

            As an INDIVIDUAL, making money doing this is just nuts.
            Yep, pretty sums it up for me too.
            I think I pay myself about 1.20$ an hour

            For the $, this ain't, but I like doing it.


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              I would much rather purchase from a fellow hobbyist who CARES about the hobby and what they sell any day. Its about contributing to what we all enjoy doing. I drive 72 miles to a "local" shop for live stock now and ask there for some things before looking elsewhere because the owner cares about the hobby, is willing to talk and share ideas. Its a much different thing in the big box stores and other places that only care about moving product. Root_Medic is for sure a guy who cares about what he sells, who bought it, and the hobby overall. To be honest, I would pay more for that anyways.

              Personally, I have sent off plant packages of various plants for free to new hobbyists with limited budgets to help them get started. I don't do it because I want to make money, although selling things is a good way to spend money towards the hobby, I do it because I enjoy the hobby, am greatful to those who have helped me, and show my appreciation by sharing the passion with others whenever possible.