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Dosing at Lights Out?

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  • Dosing at Lights Out?

    I've had suggested to me that water column iron and micros should, in theory, be dosed at night. There are those who evidently do this, and state that the plants will take them in and then use them when the lights come on, and that they do this to avert photo-decomposition of any susceptible ingredients (presumably chelators).

    Has this idea been discussed here? I'd like to get some feedback on this.

    Paul G

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    Seen this discussed but in other forums and always ends up with "anytime at your convenience".

    Used to do that (dosing at night) by the same reason you stated. But there is always
    "another side" who insist on dosing just before or when light-on, because plants are
    more active at taking up nutrients when light is on. Dosing at night risks precipitation
    and being consumed by bacteria (Fe and Mn).

    So I tried switching to dose before lights on. Got same good result, in my old,
    now-gone tank.

    Now I dose hours before light-on. But it's just because water will look clearer
    in viewing time (no yellow tint from Fe chelator).

    Let's see if this thread also ends with "anytime at your convenience".
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      I think maybe a couple of hours after the lights come on...........or whenever suits you, as long as you are somewhat consistent.
      I do it in the morning as the lights come on.

      Not sure there's any real evidence either way though.