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Can anyone identify this?

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  • Can anyone identify this?

    This yellow sticky/tacky, bitter smelling goo began appearing on one single rubber connector in my betta's low tech planted 10g a few months ago. I don't know what it is. It only grows on one connector in the aquarium. There are 2 identical connectors, one on the intake and one on the output. It started on the output and stayed there. A couple weeks ago I cleaned the hoses of the fluval 106 canister filter on this aquarium. I must have switched the connectors when I re-assembled the filter because now it only grows on the intake. I've tried to research it but i can't find anything close to it. One person on another site said it grows on his filter (he has the same one) as well but has caused no harm to his aquarium, he just cleans it off with weekly water changes.

    I keep trying to research it but can find nothing. Then about a month ago my betta developed fin rot. My lfs intructed me to remove him to hospital and treat with methylene blue as per package instructions. This I did for a full 5 days with 85% water changes daily and he seemed to be getting better. I did 3 50% water changes and cleaned his filter well on the 10g that week as well. I put him back in the tank at the end of the week and 2 days later the fin rot was more aggressive than it had been before treatment. I feel like it must have to do with this yellow goo.

    Testing confirms there has been no ammonia or nitrite in the tank. It's been set up since April this year. I did daily nitrite and ammonia tests when I put the betta back in due to the heavy cleaning throughout the week but didn't register either of them. I removed the betta back to his 1g hospital tank. I'm just treating him with clean water and an almond leaf right now with 85% daily water changes. I'm not experienced enough to know if it's gone but it certainly has slowed almost to a halt. I can't see his fins getting better but I'm sure they aren't getting worse. This leaves me to believe whatever the cause, it's in the tank. I need to identify this stuff so I can take action to remove it.

    Ty, in advance. Yellow bitter smelling crud on filter output.jpgFin rot 3.jpg

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    Is anyone able to give me an educated guess as to whether it's fungus or bacteria? My betta is still deteriorating and methylene blue and salt are not working. I am not sure what to try next.


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      Not sure what it is but I have it in my tank I see it on pipes and suction cups.
      All my fish seem to be fine so I do not think it's related to that.
      how's your PH? What's your KH/GH?


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        KH is 40 ppm and GH is 60 ppm and PH 7.4-7.7. I used Nutrafin liquid test and a battery operated PH tester that i calibrate weekly.


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          If your tank does not have shrimp or snail, treat the tank directly instead of hospital tank and once the treatment is done you can use Carbon/Polyfilter to take the medication from water.
          There could be other factors in the tank causing it and a treatment of the tank might fix it.
          Paraguard is a good one to use on tank and is generally shrimp, snail and filter safe. I use it whenever I add new fish as a caution.