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  • Florida Aquatic Plant Society (FAPS)

    Hi all,

    I met some folks at the AGA convention and some of them are starting a new club here in South Florida for planted tank enthusiasts...

    Things are just starting up and they are looking for members that live in the South Fl area.

    They do have a web forum but are still working out the look and feel and that type of thing. Many forums have 0 posts, so is nice to post the first thread in an empty forum.. My internet legacy lives on lol

    Membership is currently free and it appears that you need to signin to view any forum content.

    Here is the URL for the home page but will send you to a register/signon page:

    I am sure you won't be surprised that I have more posts in less time than even the mods

    It is still very, very new and I don't have much more info than what I have here but will post updates as I have them.



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    You guys should also set up a board on APC. Good way to reach more potential members. DFWAPC has a board there which gathers alot of people to us in the metroplex we might not otherwise reach. We get alot of input from people outside the area, also, which is nice.


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      TPT is also another good forum to post to.


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        I am a member on APC and a moderator on FAPS. I have already posted on APC but not any hits. :-(


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