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Upcoming Micromix matrix developed by me!

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  • Upcoming Micromix matrix developed by me!

    I have decided to offer up several products so folks can tailor their tanks and desires for trace elements. Note, I developed these, I do not sell them!

    Gluconate Fe
    One product is a dry formulation of Fe gluconate, sort of like the SeaChem product, except dry and less expensive to ship and about 10x cheaper.

    Marine Macro Grow
    This is specifically for macro algae and tailored specifically for marine plants.
    Can also be used in harder FW tanks.

    Aquatic plant Micro Matrix Mix
    This is a general mix that was developed based on the elemental ratios compared from 56 species of aquatic plants from the published research. This has the Gluconate, the Nitro and the hard water Fe chelator at a 30:10:60 ratio for Fe. ETDA is good for any pH range for the other traces. Copper is on the slightly conservative side however not nearly as low at SeaChem nor as high as CMS.
    Adds the best of TMG+Flourish+more plant research+ a new novel iron fertilizer.
    It will be sold dry and is about 10-20X cheaper than the comparable brands.
    1lb will make about 50 liters worth of equivalent liquid.

    Super Fe nitro:
    This is a special mix unlike anything on the market in this hobby.
    It uses amnio acids to complex the Fe and both the chelator and the metal can both be used by the plant. Cool eh?

    Note, I will never sell to folks direct, this will go through the Aquarium Plant Food - hobbyist taking care of hobbyist … | Planted Aquarium Fertilizer site that Alan runs now, after he took over for Greg Watson.

    He likes selling small 1lb-5 lb amounts, I sell 1 ton amounts only.
    These products will be available here shortly later in June.

    Tom Barr

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    Great to see that it is almost ready to come out! I will make sure to get my order in asap.Thanks for all the work you have put into this Tom!


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      Awesome! Can't wait to get an order in. So many people use different Micro products that I've never gotten a clear idea which is the best.... This one sounds like its definitely worth switching from Flourish.

      I assume the Aquatic Plant Micro Matrix also mixes in some Super Fe Nitro mix?


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        No, there is no Fe Nitro in that.
        Ack, sorry, I see that there is a 10 % ratio there.
        Hummm............I can sell it separately I think.

        Just Gluc and DTPA mix at 25%:75%.

        Since the Glu does not last long, may as well have less.

        I suppose I could add the Fe Nitro max to the general and go with that.
        2 different weak chelators and a strong.

        Then sell some of the Fe Nitro max separately. It cost the most and I'm trying to keep the $ down.

        However, it's still 10X cheaper than SeaChem or Tropica and no shipping cost.

        Tom Barr


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          Hi Tom,

          What's the prospect for us UK users? Any chance Richard at Aqua Essentials might be persuaded?

          515L tank running on a 90L sump, CO2, 3 70w 5200k MHs, Aqua Medic Volcanit substrate, EI ferts
          Juwel Trigon 190L corner tank, Dennerle Deponit substrate, 70w 5200k MH, planted, CO2 & EI ferts.
          45L & 70L tanks, non- CO2, EI 'light' using Excel


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            Is your Micro Mix available yet? I've got about 2 weeks of CSM+B left, need to reorder soon.



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              Yes - I need to reorder soon and was wondering the same thing. Didn't see them on Alan's site though...


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                I'm getting the product in a little while.
                I'll have the Fe Gluc, Nitro and Marine sooner(2 weeks most likely).
                The Matrix mix will be a bit longer(3 weeks or so).

                Tom Barr


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                  Is there any word yet on release Tom? With my new tanks I'm thinking about getting some Tropica (whatever it is called now) but man its pricey stuff and I'll need larger quantities.

                  I'm wondering... I assume youve been testing this stuff out for a while? I mean its actually performed at least on par with the competing products I hope (not just in theory I mean).
                  ~Tristan Stewart


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                    Originally posted by BHornsey View Post
                    Hi Tom,

                    What's the prospect for us UK users? Any chance Richard at Aqua Essentials might be persuaded?
                    Yes, he's considering getting 100lbs or so of the general and we shall see about the others.

                    I offer a pretty sweet deal for getting it, so I try and supply folks in each area that also sell KNO3 etc.

                    So I have folks in the USA/Canada, UK, Australia.

                    I'm waiting for a client to cough up the $, so I can go get this.

                    Tom Barr


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                      I have been using the Tropica like stuff some some time.
                      The matrix has basically a similar mix as Tropica's for 75% of the product and little less of certain traces, more of others.

                      I can get an extract formulation as Tropica if I want, but I think for many legal reasons, that it needs to be different and can be improved upon as well.
                      I'm not a copy cat.

                      Adding some other items to it is only going to improve things.
                      So part theory, part practical usage.
                      We have all used SeaChem, and TMG, so a blend of both is not going to be much different than our own experiences, adding some extra stuff for one, less on another will only tweak the product more.

                      CMS is long way from TMG or SeaChem.

                      Tom Barr
                      I need to have it made, use it for awhile to say otherwise.

                      Tom Barr


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                        I've been meaning to try Tropica, but I think I'll just wait for this stuff to be sold by Aquarium plant food.


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                          Dear Tom,
                          I am trying to seek for a local source of iron gluconate, but here in Brazil is a bit hard to find any (at least, a pure one).
                          I have found Iron in association with other quelators, and I would like to hear your opinion about them: Fumarate, Glicinate and Sacarate.


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                            Those are fairly weak, naqmely used in vitamins etc.

                            Regards, Tom Barr


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                              Originally posted by Tom Barr View Post
                              Those are fairly weak, namely used in vitamins etc.

                              Regards, Tom Barr
                              Yes, it the kind that is used in food supplements

                              So, you mean that they are unsuitable for aquarium plants?