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  • Last Chance for the AGA event

    From: Erik Olson <>
    Subject: [APD] Penultimate AGA Convention Blurb (book hotel now)

    Greetings from the 2006 Aquatic Gardeners Convention!

    Just a month left before the big convention in San Francisco,
    and only
    a few days remain to book your hotel room -- the guaranteed
    rate of $99 goes away on Friday the 13th. If you were putting
    it off
    until the last minute, THIS IS THAT LAST MINUTE.

    AGA: Annual Convention

    In previous messages, we've told you about the seven great
    we're hosting (including Troels Andersen and Ole Pedersen).
    also gushed about the now sold-out field trip on Friday. And
    pushed our vendor room and giant Sunday aquatic plant auction
    is open to anyone -- tell your friends!). This time, we'd like
    to say
    a few words about the banquet:

    On Saturday night, after all the talks are done, enjoy a meal
    with a
    table full of like-minded plant enthusiasts, and over dessert,
    be the
    first to see the winners of the 7th annual AGA Aquascaping
    announced. Most of this year's panel of judges will be present
    at the
    convention, and may be coaxed into talking about the entries
    found most remarkable. Learn what exactly was going through
    heads as they ranked 120 aquariums. If you bring a USB memory
    stick or similar device with you, we'll do our best to get you a
    of the whole contest right after the banquet!

    Also during the banquet will the first-ever IRON AQUASCAPER
    Folks from SFBAAPS are busily gathering tanks, substrates,
    plants and
    contestants to face off in a head-to-head LIVE competition! We
    no idea what mayhem will ensue. Stay tuned.

    Finally, it's looking like we'll actually have convention
    available for purchase this year. If you are interested, and
    have an
    unusual size requirement, please e-mail your preference to us at

    Hope to see you in November!

    - Erik Olson
    AGA President

    PS: Please spread this announcement to other mailing lists and
    forums so
    we can get the word out...

    Erik Olson
    erik at thekrib dot com