After the addition of a Ph controller, I was finally able to inject and maintain a consistent level of Co2. Problem was that I could not bring the Co2 up to speed within less than ~2 hours and maintain that Co2 rate throughout the day.

In the end, I had to add a second NV and solenoid and turned both on initially to get the Co2 to the desired level within an hours time, and then leave the smaller flow NV in place to maintain a constant level assuming I don't mess with the light or the flow..!

> 100g TRU-VU w/built in trickle driven by 300gph Eheim (100 micron felt filtersock). 700 gph Eheim NW pump driving a 50 micron Nu-Clear canister with 35W UV filter
> Marine color dosing pump MCD-3-M (3-pumps) EI liquid dosing(Kno3/Po4/Trace+ iron(s) & glut) @ 2 x's standard EI dose
> 60" custom Catalina T5 x4 reflector/hood @ 10 hours x2 (Aquaflora).
> ~Ph 5.9 - Base Ph ~7.3
> 75-76 degrees
> Eco-complete with argonite gravel
  1. Dual carbs... This way I can get the Ph down to the desired level within ~2 hours and maintain that Ph level throughout the photo period.  
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